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Following a massive battle, The Magog was killed and Aron was revealed as Denizen.
As the group fled Oblivion, now controlled by Lord Grim, the “Cooper” Stranger killed Zorn so he was unable to combine the temple. At the end of the battle Denizen fired a Gloom force missile at Nrass Naga, felling him.

The Stranger activated the RF (the Cosmic Top) and took everyone but Denizen and the Nemesis as the Obliviation hit The Great Mirror and it shattered. Nrass’ final fate is still unknown.

Meanwhile Azaria broke her heart to escape Nowhere (leaving the Old King trapped) and escaped to D’’GU. She is now forced to stay there since everything else was destroyed. She is now the happiest person in the Multiverse.

End of Recap.

aboard the COSMIC TOP, The Top is spinning out of control…


Nrass is lying on the floor as the Stranger pushes some buttons and pulls some levers, running around frantically. Nrass naga looks hurt. As Aubergine examines him, the stranger is having a hard time controlling the ship. Aron too checks on Nrass.

Outside? They see Demons…


Leathean : “DEMONS!!!”

Many types are flying past is the direction of the rift cause by The Great Mirrior’s destruction.

ARON: “What.”
Nrass: “the top…Aron come closer”
Aron does so.
ARON: “Are you okay, Nrass?”
He is not ok…

Then suddenly…as the demons fly past, they stop.

Nrass dies

Pieces of demon fly past the ship as The top is breaking apart.
The Cooper Stranger attempts to retreats from the demons.

The top is caught in a violent storm. The destruction of the mirror,the aftershock, is battering at the top. The demons were coming from where the destroyed Great Mirror was. The Stranger tries to steer the Top toward the mirror — into the eye of a hurricane, where there’’s calm.


THEY HIT SOMETHING and The Top breaks apart


(just kidding):)

William smells evil as the others begin to rouse. They see William up looking around. Radka gets up.

Radka: “William, where are we? I also feel the evil. I will try to wake the others.”
WILLIAM: “Yes, let’’s see who we can rouse.”

Aron is starting to awaken

Aron: “What?”

There is a pile of bodies, demons or devils or something, and a few bodies scattered about.

Aron is looking around. He sees what looks like his Sharmack and his other companions being led into a massive fort.

Someone tall a woman in shiny black armor approached the group. It is KROOL.

KROOL : They are gone
Radka: Who is gone?
WILLIAM: "They who?
KROOL:The creatures.
Radka: what creatures?
KROOL: Those demons…er…Devils i think
WILLIAM: What creatures and where did they go?
Radka: I guess that is good. Is that what these dead bodies are?
KROOL: They took the others,
WILLIAM: Where? Can we track them?
I was able to conceal myself…
WILLIAM: "Why didn’’t they take us?
KROOL: …and the three of you…with my psychic powers
Aron: That answers that.
KROOL: I am after all native to Psyche
WILLIAM: Why did you choose to hide us?
KROOL: You were closest to me, I didn’’t have much time, they were upon us as soon as we landed.
WILLIAM: "Do you know where we are?
ARON: That makes sense, since the mirror’s gone.
Radka: It does.
KROOL: Some tried to fight back, they were overwhelmed
ARON: "Of course, you’’d think Hell would be empty sinse we saw all those demons & devils getting the hell out of here.
Radka: Where would the creatures have gone?
KROOL: Some tried to fight back, they were overwhelmed
ARON: What about the Stranger?
KROOL: gone
ARON: Who killed this pile of demons/Devils?

The pile of bodies: “groan”

Krool: The one called leathean
ARON: Was he taken with the others?

Radka walks over to the pile

ARON: "What happened to him?
Krool: See for yourself
WILLIAM: I hope he’’s still in his bunny suit.
pile : Demons…

Radka investigates the pile. William wstarts tossing bodies off of the pile with his gauntletted hands. Radka sees a cute floppy ear protruding from the pile. She pulls Leathean out.

Lethean: Deeeemons
aRON: Yes, we see that.

William helps Radka. Leathean is a lot bigger and the bunny suit is slippery. Aron also helps. There is blood, lots of it. Both Leathian’s and the devils.

Aron: Okay

GRAPPLING HOOKS extend from Krool’s arm.

Aron: No!


Aron: You’’ll break the suit!!!!

Lethean is freed, bunny suit intact.

Aron: Whew!

Aron checks to see if anyone else’s bodies are buried under the pile.

“3/15/98 10:04:24 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""where are they?“says leatheahn”
“3/15/98 10:04:33 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“Radka will examine L.”
“3/15/98 10:04:34 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“k”
“3/15/98 10:04:34 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “Who?”"
“3/15/98 10:04:46 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“Leathean”
“3/15/98 10:04:49 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “What did you see?”"
“3/15/98 10:04:49 PM”,“THE MASTER”,"l"the demons…""
“3/15/98 10:05:02 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""deeeeeaaaaaamons""
“3/15/98 10:05:17 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“The demons are gone now.”
“3/15/98 10:05:21 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “They have gone and taken many of our comrades.:”
“3/15/98 10:05:21 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""deamons deamons everywhere""
“3/15/98 10:05:32 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“And not a drop to drink….”
“3/15/98 10:05:37 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""shit""
“3/15/98 10:05:39 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“That damned albatross”
“3/15/98 10:05:47 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“huh?”
“3/15/98 10:06:01 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “Wait, are these demons or devils?”"
“3/15/98 10:06:05 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“need a smoke”
“3/15/98 10:06:09 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“brb”
“3/15/98 10:06:17 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“devils”
“3/15/98 10:06:23 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“to leathean”
“3/15/98 10:06:35 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“everything’’sa demon”
“3/15/98 10:06:40 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"Jim, didn’’t you ever have to read “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” in high school. Oh, I forgot, you went to O’’Hara."
“3/15/98 10:06:49 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“funny”
“3/15/98 10:06:54 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“ha ha”
“3/15/98 10:07:08 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“must smoke”
“3/15/98 10:07:11 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“brb”
“3/15/98 10:07:13 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Always glad to amuse.”
“3/15/98 10:08:08 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Wait, since everything’’s been destroyed, that means the Labrynth of Maddness is gone, too. We’’ll never get there now!”
“3/15/98 10:08:54 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“You need to put your head by an open window, Jim, so you can stick your head out to smoke.”
“3/15/98 10:09:24 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“If everything’’s destroyed, how come Hell’’s still here?”
“3/15/98 10:12:04 PM”,“THE MASTER”,"Leathean"which way did they go?""
“3/15/98 10:12:27 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “We don’’t know.”"
“3/15/98 10:12:34 PM”,“THE MASTER”,"KROOL"follow the trail of blood""
“3/15/98 10:12:49 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“that’’s a good idea”
“3/15/98 10:13:01 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“where is he going”
“3/15/98 10:13:12 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “We need to find the Starnger and the Cosmic Top to get out of here.”"
“3/15/98 10:13:13 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“Following the trail”
“3/15/98 10:13:26 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Aron & William will follow Leathean.”
“3/15/98 10:13:31 PM”,“THE MASTER”,"muttering "demons""
“3/15/98 10:13:40 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“Radlka will follow”
“3/15/98 10:13:42 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“he is obsessed”
“3/15/98 10:13:53 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“and very injured”
“3/15/98 10:13:54 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“We’’ll hang back from him a bit since subtlety is beyond him right now,”
“3/15/98 10:14:02 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“he is mad”
“3/15/98 10:14:06 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Who can heal”
“3/15/98 10:14:07 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“R: good idea”
“3/15/98 10:14:12 PM”,“THE MASTER”,"KROOL"WAIT""
“3/15/98 10:14:20 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Okay”
“3/15/98 10:14:31 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“Why wait,Krool?”
“3/15/98 10:14:48 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“K:”THERE ARE TOO MANY""
“3/15/98 10:15:03 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “how many are there?”"
“3/15/98 10:15:08 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“This is coming from KROOL
“3/15/98 10:15:22 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“I hope u realize”
“3/15/98 10:15:41 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“K:”LEGIONS""
“3/15/98 10:16:12 PM”,“to Sharmack B”,“(private) SHARMACK IS INSIDE
“3/15/98 10:16:13 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“Yes, but we have Leathean”
“3/15/98 10:16:22 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“HEH
“3/15/98 10:16:29 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “What do you suggest? Since we’’re on their home turf with no way out they’’ll find us eventually.”"
“3/15/98 10:16:54 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“(private) What does Sharmack see?”
“3/15/98 10:17:08 PM”,“THE MASTER”,"A VOICE : "Diplomacy""
“3/15/98 10:17:27 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“Where did the voice come from”
“3/15/98 10:17:32 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Is that Krool’’s voice? Or someone else’’s?”
“3/15/98 10:17:51 PM”,“to Sharmack B”,“(private) they are taking them thru the fortress”
“3/15/98 10:18:07 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“someone else”
“3/15/98 10:18:12 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“(private) Continue to follow out of sight.”
“3/15/98 10:18:18 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“Do we see the person?”
“3/15/98 10:18:23 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“a woman”
“3/15/98 10:18:28 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “Who speaks?”"
“3/15/98 10:18:36 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“robed”
“3/15/98 10:18:46 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“with a hood”
“3/15/98 10:18:54 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“Does it look deific?”
“3/15/98 10:19:15 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“What color are the robes?”
“3/15/98 10:19:24 PM”,“THE MASTER”,"woman"someone who can help you""
“3/15/98 10:19:35 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“Who are you?”
“3/15/98 10:19:36 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“black”
“3/15/98 10:19:56 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “What are you called?”"
“3/15/98 10:19:57 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“deific?deific robes?”
“3/15/98 10:20:11 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“I am Tara”
“3/15/98 10:20:38 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“How can you help us?”
“3/15/98 10:20:40 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Oh, no, a Nora character! Now we’’re really screwed!”
“3/15/98 10:20:50 PM”,“to Sharmack B”,“(private) they are taking them to the dungeons”
“3/15/98 10:21:01 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “How do you come to be here?”"
“3/15/98 10:21:15 PM”,“to Sharmack B”,“(private) I was embassador here”
“3/15/98 10:21:37 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“i was embassador here”
“3/15/98 10:21:51 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“(private) Continue to follow at a discreet distance.”
“3/15/98 10:22:09 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“Can you help us negotiate our way out of here with our campanions?”
“3/15/98 10:22:12 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""You should stop your friend""
“3/15/98 10:22:15 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “Ambassador from where? And what are you now?”"
“3/15/98 10:22:30 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“There is little we can do to stop him.”
“3/15/98 10:22:36 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""From Overhell""
“3/15/98 10:22:39 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “He’’s kind of unstoppable right now.”"
“3/15/98 10:23:08 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“Leathean disappears over the mountain”
“3/15/98 10:23:11 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “If Overhell and Netherhell were constantly at war, why did you have ama\bassadors?”"
“3/15/98 10:23:35 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""We were at peace""
“3/15/98 10:23:45 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""of a sort""
“3/15/98 10:23:48 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “Krool, can you wrap Leathean up in your grappling hooks and bring him back?”"
“3/15/98 10:24:05 PM”,“THE MASTER”,"KROOL"I’’ll get him""
“3/15/98 10:24:06 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “Is that peace no more?”"
“3/15/98 10:24:27 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“It would seem not”"
“3/15/98 10:24:37 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“says tara”
“3/15/98 10:24:58 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “So what kind of diplomacy di you suggest?”]"
“3/15/98 10:24:59 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""she tried to kill me""
“3/15/98 10:25:12 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""a coup""
“3/15/98 10:25:13 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “Who is she?”"
“3/15/98 10:25:32 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""the former embassador""
“3/15/98 10:25:38 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “Is Overhell destroyed?”"
“3/15/98 10:25:59 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""I don’’t know"""
“3/15/98 10:26:03 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “Ambassador from Overhell or Netherhell? And who would that be?”"
“3/15/98 10:26:25 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""they tried to kill me""
“3/15/98 10:26:37 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “They who?”"
“3/15/98 10:26:49 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""then closed off the MERIDIAN""
“3/15/98 10:27:08 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “What’’s the Meridian?”"
“3/15/98 10:28:29 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""Over those mountains is the Zargonian embasy""
“3/15/98 10:30:03 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“I was embassador there”"
“3/15/98 10:30:24 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “You’’re not making much sense. Why have you shown up here right now?”"
“3/15/98 10:30:45 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""Zargon…overhell is my father""
“3/15/98 10:30:58 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“Do you have some interest in us and our mission?”
“3/15/98 10:31:05 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “Who specifically tried to kill you?”"
“3/15/98 10:31:23 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""There was an embassador appointed before me""
“3/15/98 10:31:24 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “Who is ambassador now? Anyone?”"
“3/15/98 10:31:48 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""a former embassador""
“3/15/98 10:32:01 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “Who was the ambassador appointed before you? Are you the current ambassador?”"
“3/15/98 10:32:20 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""a while back she kidnapped me""
“3/15/98 10:32:37 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""I am current""
“3/15/98 10:32:57 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “Name the former ambassador who tried to kill you.”"
“3/15/98 10:33:10 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""I am the current embassador""
“3/15/98 10:33:31 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""Andrea""
“3/15/98 10:33:51 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “What happened to Andrea?”"
“3/15/98 10:33:56 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""Do u know of her""
“3/15/98 10:34:22 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “Not really…..”"
“3/15/98 10:34:22 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""she was theformer embassador""
“3/15/98 10:34:46 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “How did she lose her post? Where is she now?”"
“3/15/98 10:34:56 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""A while back I was visiting thne embasy""
“3/15/98 10:35:19 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “So Andrea is still here.”"
“3/15/98 10:35:20 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""And she kidnapped me""
“3/15/98 10:35:44 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “Why did this Andrea kidnap and try to kill you?”"
“3/15/98 10:36:03 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""My lover tried to rescue me""
“3/15/98 10:36:07 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “What has happened to Andrea now?”"
“3/15/98 10:36:25 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “Who is that!?!?!”"
“3/15/98 10:36:27 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""she is jealous of me""
“3/15/98 10:36:41 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“Why is she jealous?”
“3/15/98 10:37:20 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “What happened to Andrea? Is she still alive? Is she a threat to you?”"
“3/15/98 10:37:23 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“an aside:sorry guys thnis relly happened in the game and I’’m trying to recap it now”
“3/15/98 10:37:32 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“bear with me”
“3/15/98 10:38:12 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""My lover Apocalypse tried to rescue me""
“3/15/98 10:38:20 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"Joe says, “Is this from the hell game or when the Stranger went to hell or from before my time?”"
“3/15/98 10:38:31 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""he was captured too""
“3/15/98 10:38:55 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“this was a larry solo adventure”
“3/15/98 10:39:14 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “Is he still imprisoned? How did you get free?”"
“3/15/98 10:39:40 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"Joe says, “Larry was involved; that’’s why it’’s cryptic.”"
“3/15/98 10:39:51 PM”,“THE MASTER”,"""we were saved by a being named Argratt M""
“3/15/98 10:40:00 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“There’’s Larry now.”
“3/15/98 10:40:38 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “And what have you been doing since then?”"
“3/15/98 10:41:00 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""We went to Zargon with M""
“3/15/98 10:41:29 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “So Apacalypse was also freed?”"
“3/15/98 10:41:44 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""Apocalypse was punished for failing to rescue me""
“3/15/98 10:41:50 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"Joe says, “Trying to figure this story out is tempting me to take up smoking.”"
“3/15/98 10:41:53 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""yes""
“3/15/98 10:42:17 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""he was freed as well""
“3/15/98 10:42:26 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “So Apocalypse failed but Argratt M succeeded in freeing you?”"
“3/15/98 10:42:45 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“give me a break i am trying to condence it”
“3/15/98 10:42:52 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “So why are you back here is you were freed and went to Zargon?”"
“3/15/98 10:43:01 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""yes""
“3/15/98 10:43:35 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Jim, you should put this whole thing up on your web page where we can read it and stop asking you so many questions.”
“3/15/98 10:43:41 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""Apocalypse was cast out of Zargon""
“3/15/98 10:44:11 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “Did you go with him? Is that why you came back here?”"
“3/15/98 10:44:14 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“u need to know this stuff”
“3/15/98 10:44:28 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“\”no""
“3/15/98 10:44:56 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""Zargon demoted Andrea""
“3/15/98 10:45:01 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “So how did you get appointed as ambassador here? Why was Andrea decommissioned?”"
“3/15/98 10:45:18 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""and made me embassador""
“3/15/98 10:46:01 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “So the guy who tried to rescue you was cast out but the person who actually kidnapped you was just demoted?”"
“3/15/98 10:46:32 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""My father works in strange ways""
“3/15/98 10:46:51 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“That’’s a little sacraligious.”
“3/15/98 10:47:03 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""Argratt m became Zargon’’s new herald""
“3/15/98 10:47:30 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""And named him WRATH""
“3/15/98 10:48:03 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""I served as embassador""
“3/15/98 10:48:29 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""Andrea had too much influence here""
“3/15/98 10:48:56 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""The devil were too loyal too her""
“3/15/98 10:49:02 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“I’’m still confused.”
“3/15/98 10:49:15 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""she could not be removed""
“3/15/98 10:49:29 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""so she was demoted""
“3/15/98 10:49:43 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“Is she still here then?”
“3/15/98 10:49:56 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""she served as my assistant""
“3/15/98 10:50:08 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“is she still your assistant?”
“3/15/98 10:50:15 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""then something happened""
“3/15/98 10:50:18 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “So when did she try to kill you? Recently?”"
“3/15/98 10:50:26 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""yes""
“3/15/98 10:50:35 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""and yes""
“3/15/98 10:50:46 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“How long ago?”
“3/15/98 10:51:07 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""the demons began to rise out of the pit""
“3/15/98 10:51:26 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""oh about an hour""
“3/15/98 10:51:45 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“KROOL comes back with leathean”
“3/15/98 10:52:07 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “That must have been when the mirror broke and all hell broke loose.”"
“3/15/98 10:52:21 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""so I closed the MERIDIAN""
“3/15/98 10:52:37 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“What is the meridian?”
“3/15/98 10:53:00 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""the embassy sits on a nexus point""
“3/15/98 10:53:04 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “Earlier you said ’’they’’ closed the Meridian, not you.”"
“3/15/98 10:53:46 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""between THE PIT , HELL , and DELIA"""
“3/15/98 10:54:06 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""OOPS""
“3/15/98 10:54:30 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Is she saying Oops, or are you?”
“3/15/98 10:54:36 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“both”
“3/15/98 10:54:55 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""I meant they"
“3/15/98 10:54:58 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"Joe says, “See, we told you not to be so cryptic.”"
“3/15/98 10:54:59 PM”,“THE MASTER”,"""
“3/15/98 10:55:09 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“sorry”
“3/15/98 10:55:16 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“can’’t help it”
“3/15/98 10:55:39 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“So who is the they who chlosed the Meridian?”
“3/15/98 10:56:08 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""The MERIDIAN is a gateway between here and the PRIME MATERIAL"
“3/15/98 10:56:10 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Guys, we need to wrap it up soon so we can go beddy-bye!”
“3/15/98 10:56:19 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“agreed]”
“3/15/98 10:56:20 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Yes, but who closed it?”
“3/15/98 10:56:30 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""ANDREA""
“3/15/98 10:56:52 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""Against my orders""
“3/15/98 10:56:52 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Andrea is a they? You said they, which implies more than one.”
“3/15/98 10:57:07 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""then she tried to kill me""
“3/15/98 10:57:10 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"William: “Why was the Meridian closed?”"
“3/15/98 10:57:55 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""so the demons couldn’’t escape THE PIT""
“3/15/98 10:58:14 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “So why didn’’t you want it closed?”"
“3/15/98 10:58:37 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"WILLIAM: “Demons not escaping the Pit sounds like a good idea to me!”"
“3/15/98 10:58:44 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""Andrea and her allies took over the embassy""
“3/15/98 10:59:42 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""yes""
“3/15/98 11:00:17 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""and now they control the MERIDIAN""
“3/15/98 11:00:28 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“TO BE CONTINUED…”
“3/15/98 11:00:37 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “So basically you want us to employ diplomacy with you with people who won’’t listen to us and who will probably try to kill us on sight….”"
“3/15/98 11:00:58 PM”,“Sharmack B”,"ARON: “Why did you want to let the demons escape the Pit?”"
“3/15/98 11:01:02 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“TO BE CONTINUED…”
“3/15/98 11:01:19 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“good night Master”
“3/15/98 11:01:23 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“Thought u guys wanted to wrap up?”
“3/15/98 11:01:27 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“yes”
“3/15/98 11:01:29 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Joe says answer the question before To Be Continued…..”
“3/15/98 11:01:47 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Yes, we want to wrap up. Just answer the question.”
“3/15/98 11:02:08 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“wat’’s the question?”
“3/15/98 11:02:37 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Why did she want the demons out of the pit since she was not going to close the Meridian.”
“3/15/98 11:03:38 PM”,“THE MASTER”,"oh"because closing the MERIDIAN cuts me off from my father and the land above""
“3/15/98 11:03:48 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“ok”
“3/15/98 11:03:56 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Thank you.”
“3/15/98 11:04:04 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Let’’s wrap it up now.”
“3/15/98 11:04:11 PM”,“Green Sapphire”,“good night guys”
“3/15/98 11:04:12 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Good night, guys!”
“3/15/98 11:04:14 PM”,“THE MASTER”,""and it cuts off your avenue of escape as well""
“3/15/98 11:04:29 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“TO BE CONTINUED…”
“3/15/98 11:04:34 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Ok, now to be continued….”
“3/15/98 11:04:43 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“Thanx”
“3/15/98 11:04:44 PM”,“Sharmack B”,“Good night, guys.”
“3/15/98 11:04:52 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“g’’nite”
“3/15/98 11:05:01 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“joe wait”
“3/15/98 11:05:33 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“did u get mysteries of the sith yet?”
“3/15/98 11:06:17 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“oh well”
“3/15/98 11:06:58 PM”,“THE MASTER”,“THE END


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